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Twelfth North Devon Open Art Show 2014


I have 5 paintings & one video selected for the Twelfth North Devon Open Art Show 2014.


Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon,

The Square,



EX32 8LN

Date: 18th January – 1st March 2014

Artist Statement


These paintings are grounded in my perceptions of a rural landscape. Nature is complexity, and is perhaps a multidimensional unified field. It is a diverse continuous sequence of phenomena, events and consciousnesses – some apparent, others hidden. We, as human beings, are within and are an integral part of this. Consciousness allows us to perceive these worlds, and the cognitive skills exist to respond creatively.

As an artist, I experience a place through physical, sensory and psychic inputs, and interact with that place and events. I make my way through the time and space of the place.

The artworks are an output, a response. Phenomena are essentially impermanent, yet the paintings become static moments, aesthetic documents, small residues of resonance. They are made referencing various source materials collected or generated on location – such as walking, drawings, photos, objects, actions, sound, memory, imagination, recall.

I may start out with a clear idea of the image I want to make, or I may just begin painting and see how it wants to develop. At some point during the working process, each painting begins to take on its own nature and becomes a ‘living’ thing, and I find this deeply compelling and potentially inexplicable. It is a continuous mystery I need to keep returning to and participating in.

Sentient from Duncan Hopkins on Vimeo.

Artist Statement

Film: ‘Sentient’

The short film takes a slightly different approach to these ideas. The main ‘character’ or narrator is perhaps an embodied Artificial Intelligence, and is at an initiating point of awakening. This is an imagined work showing a developing sense of self-awareness growing within the being, where perception, language and a specific physicality begin to form in a flawed, imperfect way. Visually the film positions her within a location and flips between the internal, external, and a dimensional interface.

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